Our Autumn Special Offer for Small Businesses in Devon

Everything you need to get your business online for a small fixed fee

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  • Custom Built Page
  • co.uk Domain name included
  • Free hosting for 3 months
  • Lots more included at no extra cost

We’ve made a longer list of the free extras included in the deal, or skip ahead to ordering, take a look at some example web sites or find out about optional extras

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What’s Included?

The short answer… Quite a lot!

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  • Custom Page Design

    Custom built single page website using your logo, photos and a design that matches your company look.

  • Clickable Telephone Links

    Clicking on a phone number will initiate a call when viewed on a smart phone.

  • Mobile Friendly (Responsive)

    By default, your page will look great on a regular computer, a tablet or a smart phone.

  • Sharable on Social Media

    We’ll set up your page so that when it’s shared on social media, you’ll see a nice picture along with your logo. Try sharing this page to see what we mean…

  • Free .co.uk Domain name for the First year

    Yep. If you don’t already own a co.uk domain name, we will buy it for you for the first year. For all other extensions, we’ll reduce the price accordingly.

  • Free hosting for 3 months

    Hosting is billed at £5 per month. Essentially, you are renting a home for your website (Sorry, we don’t offer mortgages). We will pay for this for the first 3 months and after that we’ll bill you every month.

  • Links to Social Media Sites

    If you’re already on Twitter, Facebook or Google+, we’ll link to these pages from your site to make it easy for potential customers to interact with you.

  • Analytics

    We’ll set up Google Analytics for free and give you instructions on how to access your web site statistics so you can see how many people are viewing your page.

  • Nerdy SEO Extras

    You can’t really expect a little site to perform miracles with Google and Bing, but, we’ll make sure that your site is built to maximise it’s potential in the search engine rankings. This includes correctly building the site to industry standards using best practice web design and marking up the page with microdata.

  • Fast & Secure

    We’ll put your site behind ‘CloudFlare’ which instantly provides a whole heap of speed and security improvements, and allows us to serve your site over an encrypted connection for no extra charge. Whilst we’re being a bit nerdy, your site will also be served from an IPv6 capable host if that sort of thing floats your boat!

How do I get one?

Ordering is easy, just get in touch. There’s no form to fill in - this is a personalised service and we’ll need to actually speak to you!

What we’ll need from you

To get started, all we’ll need is some basic information about your business and an initial payment of £150 + VAT. We'll ask you for more information later on such as:

  • Your choice of domain name - Normally, we will look for available ones for you and give you a choice.
  • Your Logo - Preferably a digital version of your logo from whoever designed it in the first place.
  • A business card, or a letterhead so that we’ve got all of your correct contact details.
  • Important Numbers - If you’re a ltd company, you should give us your company number. Your VAT number is optional.
  • The things that you want to say… At the very least, you need to describe your business offering. We can help you with this, but you need to have a think about what you want to say and also write it down before we start.

Optional Extras

These extras don’t come as standard. If you’d like more information about them, just drop us a line.

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  • Logo Design

    From as little as £100 we’ll get you started or refer you to a graphic designer for a complete identity design.

  • Business Cards

    We can design your business cards and either get them printed for you or give you the artwork to take to a printer of your choice. We typically charge about £100 for the artwork.

  • Social Media Setup Service

    We can easily setup your Google business page or Facebook page with logos and cover photos in the correct sizes and then hand over the keys to you, or provide you with artwork so that you can do it yourself.

  • Email Services

    Get a professional email address at your new domain name for just £6 per month.

Examples of Recent Sites

Here are some examples of single-page websites we’ve recently built for our customers. They should give you a good idea of what to expect, but remember, you’ll need to give us some photos to work with!

Exeplorers Home Stay

Exeplorers homestay provide homestay accommodation for students visiting England to learn and practice English.

We designed the logo too and helped out with some graphics for their social media pages.

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Exeplorers Homestay Screenshot

DM Rich & Son

Electricians local to us - a simple business card site to reflect their branding (Also by us).

Along with setting up their Facebook, Twitter and Google+ profiles, we continue to provide email services and often create marketing graphics…

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DM Rich Website Screenshot

SRS Roofing

Earlier this year, we created Stan’s website and freshened up the logo.

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SRS Roofing Website Screenshot

Sylvatica Garden Services

A landscape gardening business. We also designed the logo for this customer along with setting up their Facebook and Google Local pages.

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Sylvatica Garden Services Website Screenshot

Nick the Brick

We built this single-page website for Nick’s home improvement business last year along with setting up his Facebook and Google Local pages.

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Nick the Brick Website Screenshot

Fox Plumbing

Local plumbing business Fox Plumbing

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The Fox Plumbing Website Screenshot

The Full Details for Clarity

Let us explain exactly what you get for your money…

We will create a single page, static website for your business as described on this page. You won’t be able to change it yourself, so, if you change your phone number for example, you’ll have to ask us to update your site and that won’t necessarily be free. Changes to your website will be charged at our hourly rate, so for example. Let's say you ask us to update some photos and change some text a few months after you’ve had your site built and that takes us 15 minutes; we’ll bill you for that time.

We generally find that customers don’t update their small websites very often, so typically, you might be spending £30 during the course of a year on changes and updates. If you do want a website that you can update yourself, by all means get in touch. We can do those too, but not for such a small fixed fee.

On-going costs

We will deploy your website on a server as part of the cost, but you will have to pay a rent for space on that hosting server on a monthly basis. The fee for this is £5 + VAT per month. You can cancel this arrangement at any time but your website will no longer be available unless you make alternative hosting arrangements. If you decide to move somewhere else, but keep the same website, we will at your request deploy your site to a new host but we’ll charge you to do this.

Your domain name is free for the first year only. We only offer a free domain name using the co.uk extension. You can choose a domain name with a different extension, but we’ll have to charge you for it. You will have to extend your domain name registration every year to keep it. As an example, we currently charge £10 + VAT per year for co.uk domain names. There are many to choose from and we are happy to provide a price for a specific registration.


The primary purpose of this package deal is to provide small businesses a quick, easy and affordable way to get on-line and looking professional without spending much larger amounts of money on a fully featured, multi-page website. We will do our best to design a site that you love but reserve the right to charge for additional design work/time if you make too many changes and revisions to the design. We want you to be happy but we’re not prepared to work for nothing. If you’re not sure whether this is right for you, look at some of the example websites or get in touch with us; you might be better off going for something a little bit more involved.

And Finally…

All prices, wherever stated exclude VAT at the prevailing rate.

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We’re not a big design agency, we’re a small business, just like you and we thrive on working for a diverse range of clients. We build long lasting relationships with our customers because we’re nice to talk to, pride ourselves on service, give good advice and operate in an all round decent sort of way.

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